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Develop Self Confidence


Players will develop a sense of pride and self-respect when they are able to accomplish goals over time. Field Hockey is a challenging sport that requires dedication and practice to become a more valuable player to the team, and it is this dedication that leads players to overcome obstacles and learn that hard work and dedication can accomplish goals. The increase in self confidence is one of the most powerful and pure benefits to playing team sports.

Learn Leadership Skills


Players will occasionally be asked to assume leadership roles in various situations during games and at practice. Whether it’s leading a drill, demonstrating a skill or helping the team execute a vital strategy in a tough game, leadership will be required. Equally as important and more frequently, followership will be key in the success of individual players and the team as a whole.



Working together to accomplish goals is a fundamental element of team sports and field hockey is truly a team sport in this regard. Players will learn to trust in each other to move toward a shared goal as well as use each other’s strengths to the best advantage of the team.

Keep Active


Field Hockey is a fast-paced sport with a lot of running. This naturally causes the heart rate to increase and increase the blood flow in the body. The benefits of this type of exercise are countless, but include, improved mood, better sleep, building stronger bodies, Increased energy levels, higher levels of concentration and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Develop Communication Skills


Learning to communicate with different personalities is one of the greatest benefits of team sports. It plays a large role in ongoing relationships for the rest of our lives. Taking both positive and corrective feedback from coaches and players as well as learning to constructively express feelings of excitement, disappointment and frustration serves players in all other aspects of their lives.

Develop Friendships


It is no secret that shared experiences develop friendships and team sports is a wonderful place to share wins, losses, challenges and successes. Friends we make on the playing field tend to last a lifetime.